“My Sister From God”

After realizing Dominique’s financial and physical needs caused by a paralyzing car crash, her nurse became her advocate: finding her a wheelchair, getting her a vehicle, and buying her a home for her family.

“Miss Lori”

Lori Paulson, lovingly known by the New Mexico State University football team as “Miss Lori,” shares how she adopted countless players, became their honorary captain, and then continued showering them with support while fighting cancer. She did not win that fight, but the players whose lives she touched will by changed forever.

“Breakfast with Dads”

After a Facebook post pleaded for volunteers to come to a Breakfast with Dads event at a once-struggling Dallas school, hundreds of men showed up to help.

“Rainbow Babies”

Rainbow Babies is a group of online friends who finally meet after years of supporting each other online. They are mothers who unite through life after loss.

Spiritual India: What My Heart Sees

In 2017, Peter and Kristin spent their fourth trip to India capturing the advice of a wise Swamiji, “don’t see India with your eyes, see it with your heart.” This piece aims to do just that, by showing the beauty of India through the kind faces of its people who have a humble devotion to God.

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