“Glass Blower Carlyn Ray Inspires Students to Create Art”

Carlyn Ray is an amazing (and tough as heck) female glass blower working in Dallas. She started a non-profit organization to bring glass blowing to students—especially girls. In this story, Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School students learn to create art with molten glass. After holding a 2,100 degree substance with flames around her, student Stephanie Hernandez said, “it was amazing seeing that I could do it.” What an empowering adventure in this hands-on classroom at Dallas Glass Art. (Shot and edited by Kristin Dickerson in 2019)

“Santa Makers: The Face of Christmas”

A family of Santa makers dedicating their lives to help people enjoy the traditions surrounding Christmas. The heart of this piece is about the man who inspires them, and whose spirit is still an active member of their creative team. (Shot and edited by Kristin Dickerson in 2018)

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