Stories with Faith

“God’s Art Piece”

Artist Tim Hogan had a vision of what he needed to paint, but it wasn’t until decades later that he knew the spiritual significance of the sight he had in his mind’s eye. (Shot and edited by Kristin Dickerson in 2017)

“Paige Park: Filling the World with Joyful Sound”

Singer and musician Paige Park was a high school student in Oklahoma who, as a woman of faith, she shares how she was lead to “fill all the world with joyful sound.” That calling included playing her violin for young children in Africa who had a joyful reaction to her musical gifts. (Shot and edited by Kristin Dickerson in 2015)

“Bullfighting: A Prayerful Sport”

Most people who have attended a rodeo would know them as clowns, but there is a lot more to being a professional bullfighter than most realize. At this bullfighting competition in Oklahoma, this group of athletes proves that fighting bulls is a prayerful sport. (Shot and edited by Kristin Dickerson in 2015)

“Praising the Lord’s Name with Yours”

Cecil Poston shares how he uses custom name plates to praise his Lord’s name. Woodcarving is part of his testimony. He’s a recovering alcoholic who credits his faith for saving his life. (Shot and edited by Kristin Dickerson in 2014)

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