Kristin Dickerson and Peter Fleisher finishing the Camino de Santiago.

In August 2019, we left our jobs (and donated most of our belongings) to go on a storytelling faith walk.

We started our three-month pilgrimage by walking the Camino de Santiago. It’s a 500-mile trek that took us from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain and then on to the coast. During this walk, we carried camera gear (providing seven sources of audio and video) to document our journey..

Our pilgrimage projects are currently being edited. We have the “ingredients” for a documentary or series of episodes about our journey through Spain (a draft of an episode is above). After three weeks of walking, Kristin’s testimony started to flow onto paper and is now in the form of a book. It details her personal faith walk, life challenges that include depression and addiction, and how walking 500-miles helped her finally purge the darkness from her past. We also have elements for a podcast that focuses on conversations with our fellow pilgrims along the Camino.

This is the beginning of our answer to a calling to create faith-based video-storytelling content. It was a call heard while Kristin was anchoring a television newscast. The words, “I’m doing this wrong,” came to her very clearly. The “doing this wrong” wasn’t the wrong type of delivery, but instead, she realized it was the wrong type of content.

Sunflower field outside of Grañon, La Rioja, Spain on the Camino de Santiago.

In television-news, she had a platform to share the most amazing things happening in the world, but instead, she often shared the worst of humanity. To be the change she wanted to see, she knew it was time to capture and share positive stories that inspire, connect, and build faith among people of all religious backgrounds.

Kristin and Peter walking the Camino de Santiago outside Nájera, La Rioja, Spain.

Going into this pilgrimage, the end-goal was to create content that can be shared with people who are seeking the Spiritual side of the Camino, but are not physically able to walk it themselves.

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