Spirit and Nature Productions is a video-storytelling company run by husband and wife duo Kristin Dickerson and Peter Fleisher.

After 15 years in the TV-news industry (shooting, editing, reporting, anchoring, and emceeing), Kristin is joining Peter, a licensed drone pilot and project manager, to travel to some of the world’s holiest places and document their experience.

They are starting this storytelling faith walk by backpacking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain, a pilgrimage for people from all different backgrounds who are seeking an inner and outer journey. The Camino will be followed by several weeks in Israel and more than a month in India.


Peter is a licensed drone pilot who creatively captures the beauty of landscapes and symbolic signs of spirit all around us. He also brings experience as a project manager and executive assistant.


Kristin’s 15 years in broadcasting include a National Edward R. Murrow award and four National Gracies. Her mission is to share stories that inspire, evoke emotion and grow empathy.

What we do well

We thrive at character-focused storytelling told through interviews and supported with creative writing, capturing emotion and revealing intimate moments from people that offer a sense of connection with others.

What stories we are called to tell

We are often called to tell stories about faith. Faith and spirituality make a thread that weaves through all people no matter what their religious background. Our work reveals the similarities that connect us in this human experience.